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Climbro Smart Hangboard

The Climbro Hangboard Package includes:

      • 1x Climbro Smart Hangboard
      • 2x 1-Year Climbro App Subscriptions
        • Unlimited finger strength and endurance assessments
        • Unlimited personal training plans
        • In-depth analyses of workload and progress
      • 1x Flexible Tablet/Phone Holder
      • 1x Mounting package
      • 3x AA batteries

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 Payment Plan
Red Point
€ 249
down payment

8 % Lease fee

Pay € 249 now and then € 40.37 per month for the next 12 months

 Payment Plan
€ 349
down payment

5 % Lease fee

Pay € 349 now and then € 30.34 per month for the next 12 months

One-Time Payment
€ 679
one-time payment

No Lease fee

Pay the total amount of € 679 now