A Breakthrough in Climbing Training

We combine science and technology to help you improve your climbing performance.

Controlling intensity - the corner stone of an efficient training

The integrated force sensors and the mobile app make possible to precisely control the intensity during testing and training. Controlling intensity of muscle contraction is very important because it allows you to stay in the right training zone that will maximally improve either your finger strength or muscle endurance. The Climbro app provides real-time feedback of the force applied on the rung and intensity target range. It shows also information about the duration and number of repetitions and indicates when to work or rest.

Science Team

Our science team is led by two associate professors in sport training. They are also climbers at heart, who had combined their passion for climbing with scientific research to add new knowledge on climbing performance and physiology.

Training Methods

The test results reveal the individual athlete profile and show climber’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, the software generates personalized training plans with 16-24 sessions that can significantly improve climbing performance.


10 years of research, where the past 4 years were focused on testing more than 1000 climbers using the first prototypes of Climbro. Thanks to that, we have a solid database of climbing performance measurements, reference values for evaluating climbers' test results and evidence that Climbro can optimize training and speed up recovery. Part of the research was focused on finding out the best body and arm position during testing and the optimal rung shape and size.

Scientific Articles

Our scientists have published more than 40 scientific articles on climbing physiology and performance in world-renowned journals. They are authors of two books about climbing training. They have validated a new methodology for functional diagnostics on a local muscle level, that is new in the field of Sports Physiology. This has been done by collecting physiological parameters, such as muscle oxygenation, as well as calculating the relative energy system contribution during the performance of the tests.

Testing Methodology

We use standardized tests that are scientifically proven to be reliable, valid and suitable for assessment of climbers' physical fitness. All the data was collected in climbing specific conditions. The test results predict with high accuracy the climbing potential and evaluate 10+ performance indicators.

Research Labs

All tests and training methods for developing climbing specific finger strength and endurance were developed in two laboratories using the most advanced equipment in the world. Тhe laboratories are located in Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and in the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Climbro Mobile Application

The Climbro mobile application is your pocket trainer and log for all your hangboard training activities and performance measurements. The app provides detailed information for each test and exercise and guides you through the training process. All your personal data is stored automatically in the cloud, so you don’t have to ever worry about losing your records. The Android and iOS versions of the app are available for download at Google Play and Apple App Store.

Next level Personal Training

Based on the test results, the application uses complex algorithms to generate personalized training plans that address climbers' weaknesses. The training plans consist of 16-24 sessions that are meant to be completed in 2-3 months. The app guides you during the execution of each exercise providing real-time feedback on the muscle contraction intensity, duration and number of repetitions. It also suggests the time to rest between the exercises in a session and between the sessions in a training plan. The app tracks your workout plan timing and gives you feedback about how well you have performed every exercise.

Performance Evaluation

The first thing to do with Climbro is to perform four tests to assess your climbing specific physical fitness. The tests provide quantitative measures of finger strength and endurance as well as local muscle aerobic and anaerobic capacity. These measures are transformed into qualitative evaluations and presented as climbing grades using the French grading systems for climbers' convenience. The app predicts your overall climging potential based on the results of the performance test battery. It also provides a handy graphic to track your progress over time for each specific physical ability.

Climbro Mobile Aplication

The Innovation in the Hangboard

Board Design

The hangboard consists of a plywood frame and movable board with force sensors, electronics, rungs and rung reducers. The frame is designed to be mounted on the wall. It enables the force sensors to be loaded while pulling on the rungs. The force sensors data is processed by a micro-controller and then transmitted via the Bluetooth 4.0 module to the mobile app.    


The rungs are designed by AIX, specialists with extensive experience in manufacturing climbing holds and hangboards. Climbro has two rungs with 2 magnetic reducers which offer eight combinations of rung depths (from 1.3 cm to 5 cm).  The rung edges are rounded to provide the most comfortable grip during testing and training. Skin friendly design which minimizes injury risk and maximizes training effect.

Laboratory Tested

The hangboard can withstand force of more than 200 kg. The rung sizes are designed based on scientific evidence on finger flexor muscles biomechanics in various grip positions and hold depths.     

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Connectivity for All

Climbro is designed to have fun with your family and friends while testing and training. Any mobile device can connect to any Climbro hangboard – pairing not required. Get together with your climbing buddies anywhere a hangboard is available and checkout who has the strongest fingers, best endurance, or just have fun training together.

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