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First Of Its Kind

Climbro is the first smart hangboard of its kind. It is an advanced measurement system and a powerful training tool. Its unique combination of force sensors and mobile application allows for comprehensive evaluations of climbers’ physical state. These evaluations are used to provide climbers with personal training plans to improve their climbing performance. The greatest thing about Climbro is that it is based on years of scientific research and performance evaluations of more than 1000 climbers.

Smart hangboard

What It does?

Finger Strength and Endurance Assessment

Assesses finger strength and endurance

A set of 4 tests assesses your finger strength and endurance. The raw scores from the tests are transformed into French climbing grades to enable comparison between your strength and endurance levels.
Climbro climb potential

Shows your climbing potential

The tests results show how hard a grade you could possibly climb with your current strength and endurance levels. Your climbing potential is shown for both Lead and Boulder styles.

Personalized training plan

Generates personalized training plans

The app generates an 8 week personal training plan with 16-24 sessions to improve your weakest point. It tracks your progress with the plan and assesses how strictly you follow the plan schedule.

Guides you during exercise execution

Guides you during training

The app guides you when to pull or rest during workout and how much time to rest between workouts in a session and between sessions. It also gives you a feedback on how well you have performed each exercise.

Real-time feedback on the applied force

Shows the applied force in real time

The integrated force sensors send high frequency signals to the app via Bluetooth Low Energy connection. This allows you to monitor in real time the force you apply on the hangboard.

Adjusts intensity automatically

Provides intensity control

The app provides intensity control of muscle contraction that allows you to be in the target intensity zone to maximally improve either your finger strength or muscle endurance.

All the features you need

Home finger training

Climbro is an all-in-one climbing training tool with all the features you need for optimal and efficient training.

  • Integrated force sensors

    The hangboard is equipped with force sensors providing real-time feedback on the applied force.

  • 9 holds

    The hangboard has 2 rungs, 3.0cm and 5.0cm, and 2 magnetic reducers, 0.7cm and 1.0cm, providing 8 hold depths, from 1.3cm to 5.0cm, plus the jugs.

  • Skin friendly design

    The lime tree rungs are rounded to provide the most comfortable grip that minimizes injury risk and maximizes training effect.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    The hangboard connects with any Android 5.0+ or iOS 12.0+ smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.

  • High Sampling Rate

    The force sensors transmit data to the smart devices at frequency of 100Hz. The high sampling rate enables precise measurement and excellent user experience.

  • Easy Mounting & Portable

    The hangboard is portable and easy to transport and mount. It needs only 2 screws in the wall to hang it as a painting.

Climbro Mobile Application

"Climbro App is a very powerful tool …it is your pocket personal trainer that takes your individual characteristics and guides you towards maximizing your physical abilities to climb higher grades."
Assoc. Prof. Jiri Balas Ph.D.
Faculty of Physical Education @ Charles University, CZ
Climbro Smart hangboard in action

Smart Hangboard Technology

Climbro Smart Hangboard


Skin friendly wooden board with 9 hold sizes from 1.3cm to 5cm and integrated force sensors transmitting signal to the App via Bluetooth 4.0.


1000+ tested athletes and 10+ years of scientific research in the field of sport training and exercise performance and physiology.


Provides real time feedback on the applied force enabling intensity control, extensive performance assessment and effective training.

Testing & Training

Assesses finger strength and endurance and creates personal training plans to maximize climbing performance.

Years of study
scientific articles
tested climbers


"I met climbro a few years ago and from the beginning I appreciated its competence on climbers’ sport-specific strength. The good thing about Climbro is that as a good friend it tries to help maximally. It is very difficult to keep something hidden from it. It easily identifies weaknesses and provides solutions to problems. I think that this "friendship" improved our results and I can look forward with optimism."
Vasil Kirov - Coach of Bulgarian national climbing team
Vasil Kirov
Coach of the Bulgarian National Climbing Team
"Climbro's prototype allowed me to assign the intensity as percentage of the maximal force and to test the muscle endurance of Polish climbing elite. The current software is even more advanced and meets the highest standards. After completing four tests, the application immediately generates a personalized training program that is a great complement to training for improving climbing performance."
Robert Rokowski
Robert Rokowski
Climber and Sport scientist
"Climbro made for me an 8-week hypertrophy training which I would not be able to figure out by myself. Graphical illustration of the current load, remaining exercise and overall progress are motivating and the training makes fun even without a partner."
Dorka Vlkova
Dorka Vlkova
Sport Events Manager
"I appreciate, that Climbro prescribes training individually for each climber (user) and his current shape. I also like the graphical representation of pulling onto the rung, which motivates a person to keep the load in the target limit even with increasing fatigue. "
Olina Stehlikova
Climbing Coach
"Climbro was an entertaining and at the same time effective tool for my training. The mobile app is also quite user friendly. I'd recommend it to all who want to improve their climbing skills."
Dominika Krupkova
Dominika Krupkova
Phd Student in Sport Science
"Climbro is the new climbing exercise board which gives you the feedback of your training, and makes you train 100%."
Jonas Mrskoc
Jonas Mrskoc
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The best way to experience Climbro is to test it and get feedback on your training state. Soon we will start partnering with climbing gyms where you can do that. Meanwhile, you can see a small fraction of us here.