Innovating Climbing Training

We combine science and technology to help you improve your climbing performance.

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First Of Its Kind

Climbro is the first intelligent hangboard of its kind. It is an advanced measurement system and powerful training tool. Its unique combination of force sensors and mobile application provides comprehensive evaluation of climbers’ physical state and generates personal training plans for improving climbing performance. The coolest part is that everything behind is based on years of scientific research and exercise performance evaluation of more than 1000 climbers.

Smart hangboard
Climbro Smart Hangboard

Climbro Mobile Application

Climbro App is a very powerful tool …it is your pocket personal trainer that takes your individual characteristics and guides you towards maximizing your physical abilities to climb higher grades.
Assoc. Prof. Jiri Balas Ph.D.
Faculty of Physical Education @ Charles University, CZ
Training plan
hangboard pull
Smart hangboard

Smart Hangboard Technology


Skin friendly wooden board with 8 hold sizes from 1.3cm to 5cm and integrated force sensors transmitting signal to the App via Bluetooth 4.0.


1000+ tested athletes and 10+ years of scientific research in the field of sport training and exercise performance and physiology.


Provides real time feedback on the applied force enabling intensity control, extensive performance assessment and effective training.

Testing & Training

Assesses finger strength and endurance and creates personal training plans to maximize climbing performance.

Years of study
scientific articles
tested climbers

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The best way to experience Climbro is to test it and get feedback on your training state. Soon we will start partnering with climbing gyms where you can do that. Meanwhile, you can see a small fraction of us here.

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